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CirruxSolutions™ is a consulting firm whose mission is to make your organization successful with Adobe® Connect™.   Adobe Connect enables you to efficiently communicate and collaborate through rich and expressive online meetings and eLearning offerings.   But to unlock the full capabilities of Adobe Connect within your organization, you will want to tailor Adobe Connect to work exactly how you want it to.

This is where CirruxSolutions can help.    At CirruxSolutions, our team has over 25 years of combined engineering experience with Adobe Connect.   We’re experts at developing custom applications, workflows and pods that will make Adobe Connect work the way you need it to.   In fact, our team consists of ex-Adobe engineers actually built many of Adobe Connect’s features that are in the core product today, so we know all the ins and outs of the product.   We also provide enteprise services such as solution architecture, enterprise integration, maintenance and support.   So whether it’s integrating Adobe Connect with ADFS or SAML, customizing application workflows, or developing custom meeting pods, CirruxSolutions can configure and customize Adobe Connect to fit your exact specifications.   If it doesn’t exist in Adobe Connect, chances are we can build it.

CirruxSolutions was founded in 2011 by Quinn Wong, one of the first software developers on the Adobe Connect team.    Quinn first started working on Adobe Connect back in 1999 at the fledgling company that started it all, Presedia.    Throughout the years, Quinn developed a focus and passion for developing software products that were aimed at making customers successful.   This focus lives on at CirruxSolutions.

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