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Capture Key Performance Indicators.

Export to Salesforce or Veeva  CRM.

Determine Success of Marketing Campaigns.

From an analytics standpoint, Adobe Connect is a goldmine.   It contains a rich amount of data, including:


  • Registration Data – Which users registered, when did they registration, registration data

  • Attendance Data – When did a user enter, when did they leave, total duration in a meeting or webinar

  • Activity Data – What content did the HCP views, what files did he download, chat participation, poll activity

All of this information is extremely valuable for Healthcare sales and marketers.  


For the sales team, the data can really help determine whether an HCP is really interested in their product or not.  For the marketing team, the data provides key performance indicators that helps them determine whether marketing campaigns are successful.



Capturing Key Performance Indicators

Gain insight into HCPs activity using Adobe Connect registration, attendance and activity reports.   Track activity such as:

  • Registration

  • Attendance

  • Content Views

  • File Downloads

  • Survey Results

Custom Reporting Requirements

While Adobe Connect has several out-of-the-box reports that provides data for key areas, there are instances where custom reports are necessary.   This is especially true for Healthcare companies that are looking to segment webinar data by region, country, brand, product and therapy area. 


Healthcare companies serve several markets around the world and will want reports structured to provide data segmented accordingly.   Adobe Connect Reports are not structured in this manner and thus presents challenges to Analytics teams that are looking to get their data exported to their Analytics platforms.


For example, Healthcare companies will want to know what Products and Therapy Areas a Webinar is associated with.   Providing this data in reports will allow the Marketing Team to see the effectiveness of their campaigns across multiple Webinars for a Product.


Another example is including an external Document ID in content viewing reports.   By customizing Adobe Connect reports and including an external Document ID, Healthcare companies can see how certain Content is used across multiple marketing channels.


CirruxSolutions can assist with your custom reporting needs.   By customizing existing Adobe Connect reports with the data you require or developing entirely new reports, CirruxSolutions can meet your organizations reporting requirements.   You can then export the data into systems such as Adobe Analytics which will allow you to segment your webinar reports by whatever view you need.



Exporting Data for your Sales and Marketing Team

With CirruxSolutions Veeva Vault Integration, you can now track and report on additional valuable document information sourced from Veeva Vault such as Vault Document ID, Brand, Therapy Area, Indication and Version.    By tracking and reporting on these valuable fields, you can measure the effectiveness of your content and marketing campaigns by viewing how often content is used and viewed by your sales and marketing team.  

Using CirruxADE, export your custom reports to Veeva CRM, Adobe Analytics or SFTP.   Benefits include:

  • Export valuable HCP activity data to Veeva CRM so that your sales reps can turn potential leads into actual customers.

  • Closed Loop Marketing - Export HCP activity trends over different campaigns, brands, therapy areas, markets and devices so your marketing team knows what is effective.



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