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In this section, we're going to walk you through the basics of how to host your first Survey with SurveyPlus.   After reading this guide, you should be able to:

  1. Create a Survey

  2. Add Questions

  3. Start the Survey

  4. View Survey Results

SurveyPlus has many more features, but this will give you a quick overview of SurveyPlus' core features.

If you have not installed and registered SurveyPlus yet, please refer to this article on how to do so:   Installing SurveyPlus for Adobe Connect

1. Creating a Survey

Creating a survey is easy with SurveyPlus.   To create a survey, do the following:

1. Launch SurveyPlus in your Meeting Room.

2. Click on the “Create Survey” button. This launches the Create Survey form.


3. Enter in a Name for your Survey. The Name field is what is listed in the Survey List and helps you identify what the survey is for.

4. Enter in a Description for your Survey.  The Description field allows you to provide more information regarding your survey.   

Now that your survey has been created, you can add your first questions.

2. Add Questions

With SurveyPlus, you can add Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Short Answer, True/False and Likert questions to your Survey.    To add questions to your Survey, do the following:

  1. In the Survey List panel, select the Survey you wish to edit.

  2. From the Survey Editor panel, click on the “New Question” button. This should display a drop down which will allow you to select a question type, such as Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, Short Answer or Likert.    Select the question type that you would like to add.  


3. Edit the Question.   After selecting the Question type, a question with default answers will be displayed.    For example, if you select “Multiple Choice”, then a new Question will be added to your Survey.   By default, three answers will be displayed with labels that can be edited.     You can add one or more questions to your Survey.     


4. Save the Survey.  Once you have finished adding your questions to the Survey, click on the "Save Survey" button.     This will launch the "Save Survey" confirmation screen.


Click on the "Save" button to publish your changes to Adobe Connect.


You will see a confirmation once your updates have been published successfully. 

3. Starting the Survey

Now that you have created your first survey, you can start it.   To start a survey, do the following:

​1. Select "Start Survey" Option.   Next to the Survey in the Survey List, you should see an Options button.    Click on the dropdown arrow and select “Start Survey” from the Options menu.    


This will display the survey.   The survey has not been started.


2. Start the Survey.    To start the Survey, click on the "Start Survey" button in the upper right hand corner of the SurveyPlus Pod.     This allows participants to start filling out Questions.    When the participant clicks on "Submit Survey", their responses are captured by SurveyPlus.  


3. End the Survey.    When the Meeting Host is ready to end the Survey, he can notify the participants that the Survey is going to end.   Typically, this is done by the Meeting Host announcing the Survey is ending via audio.     To end the Survey, click on the “End Survey” button in the upper right hand corner of the SurveyPlus Pod. 

4. Viewing Survey Results

You can view reports directly from within SurveyPlus.   To view reports, select "View Reports" from the Options menu.     This will bring you to the "By Questions" Report.  


There are two reports that you can view from within SurveyPlus:

  • The "By Questions" Report

  • The "By Users" Report

The "By Questions" Report

The "By Questions" report lists all the questions in the survey, along with the answer distribution for each question.   

By default, results are shown for all meeting sessions.   You can use the "Sessions Filter" to display results by session.    You can download an Excel report as well.  

The "By Users" Report

The "By Users" report lists all the users that have taken the survey along with how they have answered each question.  All the users that have taken the Survey are listed in the report, along with the questions in the survey.   

By default, results are shown for all meeting sessions.   You can use the "Sessions Filter" to display results by session.    You can download an Excel report as well.  

5. Conclusion

Congratulations on creating and starting your first Survey!   You should also be able to view Survey Reports as well that show results by questions and by users.     You are now ready to start creating more surveys that will help you better understand your users and what is important to them.   

For more details, please read the sections below:



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